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Related article: Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2004 16:19:51 -0500 From: leonard webb Subject: Father Son Love It was 4:30 Saturday morning when I left Drew's place. Drew was one of my dawgs. I'd met him a few years ago when I was still with Ray's mama. He showed up with Mel one night at Cecil's for one of our domino parties. I liked the brother right off. He had cocoa brown skin. The sides and back of his head he kept faded out while three inch braids adorned the top. A meticulously trimmed mustache and goatee framed his full lips. He was about six foot preteen lolita girls cp two inches tall and weighed bout one ninety. Drew was a mellow kind of guy, cool as ice water all the time. I mean the brother didn't let nothin get next to him. That was probably because he always had at least a twenty dollar sack preteen lolita girls cp on him at all times. He never did a whole lot of talking, mostly he'd just kick back and listen to everyone else, and he was always aware lolitas no nude models of what was going on around him. Like Mel and myself home boy was divorced, Mel had two girls who lived with their mother in California, and I had Ray, but Drew didn't have any children. Not that he knew of anyway, as he would put it. Drew had called me at work that Friday afternoon and asked if I wanted to hang out with him that night. So I met him at the club, and as I'd been doing lately I talked to the honey's, not really trying to talk up on some pussy. But he didn't have to know that. It had lolita preteen ru bbs been weeks since I'd brought my drunken son home pedo cp lolitas kiddy that warm spring night. It was then he told me he was gay. Not in so many words, but in his intoxicated state he told me that his friend Pee wee had the hots for me, and so did he. He then proceeded to feel me up while I tried to put him to bed. I allowed it to happen and even let him give me head. I was really horny that night and it felt so good. I thought it would be a one time thing, no big deal. But I found myself thinking about what happened, and when I remembered the sight of his naked body I realized that it turned me on. And I'll be damned if the next lolita preteen ru bbs night he wasn't sucking my dick again, not to mention that night was the first time I sweet lolita top kds fucked him. Hell I'd been hittin dat ass three or four times a week since. Man I couldn't remember fuckin any woman I'd been with on such a regular basis, and each time was as good as the last. I couldn't seem to get enough. So lately I'd been pretending to strike out, or be too tired, or something. Then I'd go home and get my freak on with Ray. At about 1 o'clock I went to Drew and told him I was going to go home. He looked at me and suddenly leaned close and inhaled deeply. "Ok, now let me smell yo breath." He said, his face now inches from mine. "What are you doing?" I asked him. "Your breath is fresh, and yo ass smells good. So why izzit that a nigga like me can talk these bitches outta some pussy, and a good lookin muthafucka like you can't?" He said. "Don't sell yourself short." I said before I knew it. "It's been a while since you and Michelle broke up man. Your ass ain't never had a problem picking up any of these hoe's before. You got somebody you ain't told us about? What nigga? The bitch ugly?" He said laughing. "Naw man I ain't got nobody." I said, I couldn't help but laugh myself. "Well then you must be doin a lot of jackin off, and we both know that shit gets old quick!" He said. At first I was surprised that he noticed that I hadn't been taking anybody home lately, but then I realized who I was dealing with. It was hard to get anything past Drew. You'd think a muthafucka that toked as much as he did wouldn't have a brain cell left. What is it? Don't you like pussy no more? He asked, grinning at me. And after a few moments I realized he was waiting for an answer. "Fuck you." I said shaking my head. "Check this out, you see that bitch over there in the black dress." He said, looking to the side of us. I turned and followed his gaze and saw a half decent looking honey in a short black strapless dress with big titties staring at us. "what about her?" I asked. "The girl is a freak! And she want's to fuck us both." He said, flashing her a smile. "Ok So you think I should take her home." I replied, as I watched her return his smile. "Hell naw nigga. I think we should take her back to my place and give the bitch what she wants." He said. "You mean the three of us?" I said. "Yeah man I been wantin to do some shit like that. You my dawg ain't cha?" He said. "You know I am." I replied. "Then let's do this." He said, smiling at me. I had to admit the idea of a three-way with Drew sounded good. As I crawled into my bed I thought about what had taken place at Drew's. The first thing he did was blaze up a fat one. Then after we'd finished it he was ready to get bizzy. I'd seen his dick before a couple of times at the gym, but it was much more impressive hard. We lay side by side on his bed and he draped one of his legs over mine while ole girl went back and forth sucking our dicks. I watched him strokin his dick as she sucked me, and I soon noticed he would do the same while rubbing his leg against mine. Then we fucked her at the same time with her on her side between us me in the pussy and he in her ass. He put his hand on my waist using me for leverage, pulling as he thrust to get his dick deeper in her ass. But I notice his hand slowly moving down to my ass and he started squeezing and cupping while top lolita kiddy site he pulled. I looked over at him and he smiled. And I wanted her to be Ray, I wanted to watch him fuck Ray, and I wanted to be fucked by the both of them. I grabbed Drew's ass just before I busted my nutt. I could hear him moanin yeah again and again as I came. I kept rubbing his ass and his fingers slipped between my cheeks when he busted one a short time later. I decided before drifting off that if Drew didn't mention what happened I wouldn't. I knew Ray would still be asleep, he never got out of bed before noon on weekends. Images of Drew's naked body crept into my head as I showered. His muscles rippling beneath his brown skin as he fucked ole girl in her ass. I started soaping my dick and balls, and I could almost hear his low moans and deep silky voice. My hand felt good on my dick as remembered his dick, glistening with her spit as it slid in and out of her mouth. It was about as long as mine but maybe a little thicker, and how it and his nutts were a shade darker than the rest of his body. I imagined his long strong legs around my waist while I fucked him. I wanted some dick and I wanted it bad. ******************************** I was awakened by daddy getting into bed with me. Immediately he started pulling my drawz down as he kissed me. As soon as he had them off he began sucking me, and in no time I was fully erect. He smelled of soap and his skin was damp. I settled back to enjoy the good head I was getting but I soon found out that daddy had other plans. He picked up the bottle of lube he'd brought with him and handed it to me. "You wanna fuck your ole man?" He asked. I answered him by pushing him gently onto his back. Kneeling next to him I lubed up. "Spread em." I told him, and crawled between his legs. He put his legs on my shoulders as I put a knee on either side of his hips daddy's butt was now wedged between my thighs. I Rubbed some lube on his ass, carefully inserting a finger as I did so, just as he'd done the first time he'd fucked me. He flinched at the invasion, but soon he was moaning softly as I worked my finger gently in and out of his ass. I'd waited as long as I could to get in that ass and now my dick wouldn't let me wait another second. I guided the head to his hole and started to push. I could hear the lube squishing as I rocked back and forth on my heels. Then daddy dug his finger's into my thighs, and I heard him groan as his resisting hole began to give way. I paused leaving the head of my dick wedged in his asshole. Daddy was breathing hard and his asshole throbbed with every beat of his heart. "Ok." He soon whispered, as he began to jerk his dick. Slowly and gently I worked more and more dick into him. It felt as if I were slipping my shit into a warm, soft condom. His insides caressed me sending waves of pleasure through my dick. His hole was relaxing and I was now able to thrust into him without causing him to wince and his groans of pain sweet innocent lolitas nude were becoming moans of pleasure. I rocked back and forth my nutts bumping against his butt as I fucked him. "Yeah baby.' He whispered, as he continued to jerk his dick. I was quickly becoming caught up in the pleasures I was experiencing and the sensations in my dick were spreading through my nutts and the rest of my body. "Damn that shit feels good! Fuck my ass baby!" Daddy said breathlessly. I could feel my 12 year lolita foto nutt approaching and his words seemed to push me closer. "Awww Fuck daddy you gonna make me cum." I panted. I thrust into him over and over plunging my shit as deep as I could in his ass, as he frantically jerked his dick. I felt more of a man than I'd ever before when I looked into his lust, and pleasure contorted face as I teetered on the edge. I was man enough to give as good as I got. "Ohhh...Shit!...I'm...AhhhHHHHHHHHH!!" I moaned, gasped and panted as my body shuddered and my dick throbbed and spurted deep in daddy's ass. "Ummmmm." Daddy moaned as my cum flowed into him. Gradually my thrusting slowed to a stop. My chest heaved with my heavy breathing, and my skin shone with sweat. After a few moments I pulled my dick out of daddy's ass and I could tell he too was close. I pushed his legs apart and dove head first between them. "Fuck!!" He cried out when I took him into my throat. "Suck it baby! Suck dat dick!" He panted again and again as he thrust into my mouth. I'd never felt it this hard before. I slipped my hand between his lube and cum soaked cheeks as my head bobbed up and down. "DayummmMMMMMMMM!!" He howled, and his back arched when I shoved two fingers into his freshly fucked asshole. I felt his dick throb followed by a gush of his cream splattering against the back of my throat. "AHHHHHHHHH!!" He moaned, his body convulsed and suddenly I had another mouthful of his warm creamy cum. He thrashed beneath me as again and again his throbbing dick spewed. I swallowed struggling to keep up with the flow, not wanting to waste a single delicious drop. My probing fingers seemed to prolong his nutt, although no longer in powerful spurt's daddy's cum continued to flow onto my tongue for longer that usual. Even after he'd stopped cumin my wiggling fingers still had him whimpering and squirming with pleasure. Finally he pulled me into his arms and I lay my head on his chest listening to his heart beat while he held me close, occasionally he'd kiss my forehead. We stayed like that for a few minutes before anyone spoke. "Let's eat." Daddy finally said.
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